ALLIANCE keeps it easy!


Elements Program.

Our Elements program is designed to introduce you to our training methods, equipment, movements and for us to gain an understanding of your coaching needs.


Elements - 4 Session package for $120.00


We will always do our best to book you in with a coach at a time that suits you. This session is a one on one session with a coach where we will be focusing on the fundamental movements, which include:

  • Air Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat, Overhead Squat

  • Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Thruster, Jump rope

  • Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift High Pull, Pull-up, Rowing, Box Jump

  • Kettlebell Swing, Ring Dip, Olympic Lifting Introduction


What are Coached Classes?

Coached classes are 60minutes,  where experienced and qualified Coaches will be guiding and teaching you on how to move correctly through warm up, gymnastic movements, olympic lifting, and mobility exercises. If for any reason or limitation you are unable to complete any movement pattern, it is our job as coaches to scale the movement to a progression, that ensures you are able to get the same stimulus at a level more suited to your current abilities.

What do I get from My Membership?

  • All of our memberships give you access to our daily Coached Classes.

  • Unlimited support from our highly qualified Coaches

  • Guidance and knowledge from a coaching team who are committed to furthering their knowledge in all things fitness, enabling them to offer the best training methods

  • Support from a community of like-minded individuals who have also decided to accept the challenge, and that being a number on a Gym Membership list, is not enough.

What is NOT included?

Our facilities and equipment are NOT available at your own leisure. If you want this, we have a open gym times for that purpose. CrossFit ALLIANCE won’t just give you a program, pretend to be your friend, and leave you to your own devices. We will be beside you 100% of the way. Our coaches will ensure you get the maximum return on your training.

Membership options

CrossFit ALLIANCE memberships are one month minimum and are able to be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Unlimited membership allows the member unlimited access to all sessions plus the ability to come in and use open gym sessions to work on skills and strength (conditions apply).  Athletes on a Student unlimited membership are able to pause their membership for no longer than two weeks in any 3 month period (conditions apply)


  • $52.50/wk - Unlimited CrossFit Classes

  • 45.00/wk - Up to 3 sessions per week

Limited sessions.

Limited members are entitled to attend a coached session.

  • 10 Session card – $200.00

Conditions apply with all concession cards.